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Задание 1. Прочитайте текст.
Taking our diet more seriously

Many people believe that health is very important and, because of this, many are trying to eat more healthily. For example, people in the UK are eating less salt and more low fat margarine and milk; fruit is now America’s favourite snack and Japan is currently promoting cocoa because it is healthy alternative to soft drinks like Coca Cola. These changes in eating habits are also having an effect on the food market. Global sales are increasing for soy drinks and drinkable yoghurts more than any other food and sales of bread, pasta, and cereals are growing much more slowly. People are also becoming interested in fresh fruit and vegetables and ‘farmers’ markets’ are getting more popular throughout Europe. When they can, people often opt for ‘natural goodness’, and they are buying more products that are healthy, like fruit, salads, and nuts. They are also buying products that help to protect environment, like organic vegetables. So it’s clear that things in the food world will never be the same again.
Задание 2. Прочитайте предложения и напишите T(True- верно) и F(False- неверно) после предложения.

  1. Americans eat more fruit than any other food. – It’s true.

  2. Cocoa drinks are good for your health. – It’s true.

  3. People are buying more soy drinks. – It’s true.

  4. People are buying less pasta. – It’s true.

  5. Nuts are good for you. – It’s true.

Задание 3. Сопоставьте подчеркнутые слова из текста с их синонимами.

    1. worldwide – global

    2. think – believe

    3. now – currently

    4. becoming – getting

    5. choose – opt for

    6. substitute for – alternative to

    7. getting bigger – growing

    8. look after, keep from danger – protect

Задание 4. Заполните пропуски подчеркнутыми словами из текста.

1. Mane vegetarians eat soya as an alternative to meat.

2. Some people believe that all ready-cooked meals are unhealthy.

3. The number of people buying organic vegetables is growing in many countries.

4. The UK government is currently studying how to encourage people to change their eating habits.

5. In the US and Europe, many children are getting fatter because of their bad diets.

6. Many people opt for a change a diet because it makes them feel better.

7. A balanced diet can help to protect you from illness.

8. Unhealthy eating is now a global problem: not just in the US and Europe.

Задание 5. Заполните пропуски в предложениях словами из списка.

Home-made / meal /raw/ spicy /diet/ chicken /steak/ takeaway /meat/ frozen

        1. His diet is terrible: he eats too many sweet things.

        2. Strict vegetarians don’t eat meat or fish.

        3. Raw vegetables have more vitamins than when they are cooked.

        4. I love home-made food but I don’t have too much time to cook.

        5. She likes her steak well done.

        6. I am very busy so I often buy a frozen meal and heat it up in the microwave.

        7. Our biggest meal of the day is usually lunch.

        8. She doesn’t like Mexican food because it is too spicy.

        9. Our typical Sunday lunch is roast chicken, I especially like the wings.

        10. We often buy takeaway food on Fridays – either Chinese or Indian food.

Задание 6. Напишите транскрипцию для каждого слова.













Food – [fu:d]

Spoon – [spu:n]

Cook – [kʊk]

Sugar – [ˈʃʊgə]

Mousse – [mu:s]

Butcher – [ˈbʊtʃə]

Biscuit – [ˈbɪskɪt]

Fruit – [fruːt]

Juice – [dʒuːs]

Good – [gʊd]

Lettuce – [ˈlɛtɪs]

Would – [wud]

Задание 7. Напишите названия продуктов, воспользуйтесь при необходимости словарем.

              1. One red fruit, one yellow fruit, one green fruit; - strawberry, melon, kiwi.

              2. Two things that a strict vegetarian doesn’t eat; - meat, fish, butter.

              3. Three kinds of food made from milk; - cheese, butter, sour-cream.

              4. Four things people have for breakfast; - bacon, coffee, sandwiches, eggs.

              5. Five things people eat between meals; - apple, cornflakes, crisps, sweets, fruits.

              6. Six vegetables you can put in a salad; - cucumber, tomato, cheese, lettuce, onion, olives.

              7. Seven things which are usually on a table in a restaurant. – Tablecloth, napkins, wineglasses, different kinds of forks, different kinds of knives, plates, water glass.

Задание 8. Ответьте на вопросы письменно.

        1. Is food a pleasure for you? I should say that food is a real pleasure for me.

        2. What you normally eat in a typical day? I normally eat 3 times a day if I have enough time to do it: it can be a soup, some cereal, bacon and a hot tea.

        3. Do you ever cook? Yes. From time to time I cook.

        4. Do you ever eat ‘unhealthy’ food? How do you feel about it? Sometimes when don’t have enough time to eat a healthy food I eat in a bistro that is not good for my health. Actually I don’t like such food.

        5. Are you trying to cut down on anything at the moment? No, I am not trying to cut down on anything at that moment.

        6. Are people’s diets in your country getting better or worse? I think that people’s diets in my country are getting better, but we can try to choose food that is really healthy and not dangerous to our organism.


Задание 9. Вставьте somebody, anybody, nobody или everybody.

1. Has anybody in this group got a dictionary? 2. Somebody left a magazine in our classroom yesterday. 3. The question was so difficult that nobody could answer it. 4. I am afraid I shan't be able to find anybody in the office now: it is too late. 5. Everybody knows that water is necessary for life. 6. Is there anybody here who knows French? 7. You must find somebody who can help you. 8. Somebody knew anything about America before Columbus discovered it. 9. I saw somebody in the train yesterday who looked like you. 10. There is somebody in the next room. I don't know him. 11. Please tell us the story. Everybody knows it. 12. Is there anybody in my group who lives in the dormitory? 13. Has anybody here got a red pencil? 14. Everybody can answer this question. It is very easy.

Задание 10. Заполните пропуски, вставив одно из слов, данных в скобках.

1. We haven't any black stockings. 2 They have no red boots, Kate. 3. I don't want anything today, thank you. 4. "I haven't got any clean exercise-books, Mother," said the boy. 5. "We shall not buy anything in this shop, children," said the mother. 6. Didn't you buy any potatoes yesterday? 7. I didn't see anybody in the street when I went out. 8. We did not play any games in the yard because it was raining all day long. 9. There is anybody at home. 10. How much did you pay for these boots? - I didn't pay anything. They are a present from my grandmother. 11. Have you lost anything? - No, nobody here has lost anything.
Задание 11. Поставьте следующие предложения в отрицательную и вопросительную форму.

1. They have done something. – They haven’t done something. 2. He has given them some money. – He hasn’t given them some money. 3. You have brought something for us. – You haven’t brought something for us. 4. I have taken some English books from you. – I haven’t taken some English books from you.5. She was reading something. – She wasn’t reading something. 6. He has written a letter to somebody. – He hasn’t written a letter to somebody.7. Somebody by the name of Smith lives on the third floor. – Somebody by the name of Smith doesn’t live on the third floor. 8. They have some English books. – They haven’t some English books. 9. There are some tall trees in front of their house. – There aren’t some tall trees in front of their house. 10. Peter has something in his box. – Peter hasn’t something in his box. 11. There are some parks in this town. – There aren’t some parks in this town. 12. There are some good book shops in our district. – There aren’t some good book shops in our district.


Задание 12. Прочитайте статью и диалоги.

SPAs – women love them

Can men enjoy them too?

The Sunday Times decided to find out. They sent two journalists, Joanna Duckworth and Stephen Bleach, to spend a day at a health spa, which offers thermal baths, saunas, and steam rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, and of course a wide variety of massages and treatments.

These are some of the treatment they had:

Banana, papaya and strawberry body polish

  • a treatment which will smooth and hydrate your skin, with a head massage – 40 minutes.

Kanebo Kai Zen facial

  • a deep intensive cleansing, with face and neck massage – 1 hr 40 minutes.

Elemis foot treatment

  • a foot bath, pedicure and foot massage – 55 minutes.

1. The body polish.

Joanna So? What did you think?

Stephen It was just horrible! Horrible. Fruit’s for eating, not for putting on your body. It was hot and sticky and incredibly uncomfortable. And I felt so stupid. I’d never have that again. I give it zero out of ten.

Joanna Sticky? It was fruit for goodness’ sake! I thought it was incredibly relaxing. I mean how could anybody not like it? And the head massage was divine! That was one of my favourite spa treatment ever. Ten out of ten.

2. The facial

Stephen Oh that was so boring. It went on forever.

^ Joanna I loved it.

Stephen Well, I must admit my face feels different - much smoother. But I'm not sure I really want a smooth face. And it was nearly two hours and she used about 12 different creams and things. It normally only takes me a minute to wash my face — and I just use soap and water — the therapist said I ought to buy five different products!

^ Joanna Well, I enjoyed every second. My skin feels great - really healthy. I give it nine out of ten.

Stephen Hmm... I give it four.

Joanna Your problem was that you were hungry so you couldn't relax. We could have a fruit juice before the last treatment...

Stephen A fruit juice? Oh, OK then.

3. The foot treatment

Stephen Wow!

Joanna Don't tell me you liked it!

Stephen It was wonderful!

Joanna I must say, your feet look...well, better. Clean anyway.

Stephen Well, I've never liked my feet much to be honest, but now they look great. That was definitely worth the time and money. Nine out of ten. What do you think?

Joanna Yes, it was great. A real luxury. And I love the colour they painted my nails. I agree – nine out of ten.
Задание 13. Ответьте на вопросы к статье:

  1. What is SPA? What does health spa offer? The term SPA is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. A health spa offers thermal baths, saunas, and steam rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, and of course a wide variety of massages and treatments.

  2. What do you know about body polish/facial/foot treatment? A body polish is

a treatment which will smooth and hydrate your skin, with a head massage – 40 minutes. Kanebo Kai Zen facial is a deep intensive cleansing, with face and neck massage – 1 hour 40 minutes. Elemis foot treatment is a foot bath, pedicure and foot massage – 55 minutes.

  1. Did Stephen like the body polish? What about Joanna? Stephen didn’t like the body polish, he thought that fruit’s for eating, not for putting on your body. It was hot and sticky for him, and incredibly uncomfortable. As for Joanna, she liked it. She thought it was incredibly relaxing.

  2. What is Stephen’s opinion about the facial? And Joanna? Stephen said it was boring for him and he didn’t actually know whether he wanted to have a smooth face. Joanna also liked it, her skin became really healthy and she enjoyed every second.

  3. Did he enjoy the foot treatment? Joanna? Stephen really liked the foot treatment. He said that it was definitely worth the time and money. Joanna liked it too: for her it was real luxury. She also liked the color they painted her nails.

^ Задание 14. Заполните таблицу.



1.The body polish

2.The facial

3. The foot treatment






Fruit’s for eating, not for putting on one’s body. It was hot and sticky and incredibly uncomfortable.

It was boring for him and he didn’t actually know whether he wanted to have a smooth face.
He has never liked his feet much to be honest, but now they look great. That was definitely worth the time and money.






It was incredibly relaxing. It’s her favourite treatment.
Joanna skin became really healthy and she enjoyed every second.

It was great and a real luxury.

Задание 15. Прочитайте диалоги еще раз. Заполните пропуски.

              1. It was hot and sticky and incredibly uncomfortable.

              2. The head massage was divine!

              3. My face feels different – much smoother.

              4. I just use soap and water.

              5. I love the colour they painted my nails.

Задание 16. Прочитайте следующий список, напишите M(Man), если то или иное занятие относится к мужчинам, W(Woman) – к женщинам, B(Both) – как к мужчинам, так и к женщинам.

A man thing or a woman thing?

  • Going shopping – W (Woman)

  • Going to health spas – W (Woman)

  • Going to the gym – M (Man)

  • Going to the cinema – B (Both)

  • Reading novels – W (Woman)

  • Going to sport events – M (Man)

  • Doing housework – W (Woman)

  • Learning languages – B (Both)

  • Going to bars and pubs – M (Man)

  • Playing games (e.g. cards, chess) – M (Man)

Задание 17. Составьте семь предложение по образцу, используя фразы из предыдущего упражнения.

Образец: In our country women go shopping more often than men.

In our country men go shopping not so often than women.

                1. In our country women go to health spas more often than men.

                2. In our country men go to health spas not so often than women.

                3. In our country women go to sport events not so often than men.

                4. In our country men go to gym more often than women.

                5. In our country women read novels more often than men.

                6. In our country women go to bars and pubs not so often than men.

                7. In our country men play games more often than women.

Задание 18. Прочитайте следующий список, отметьте соответствующей буквой, кто чаще о чем говорит: (M – Man, W – Woman, B – Both):

  • Sport – M

  • Work– M

  • Clothes – W

  • Health – B

  • Family – W

  • Films – B

  • Politics – M

  • Cars – M

  • Their house – W

  • The opposite sex – B

Задание 19. Выполните следующее задание письменно (напишите не менее 5 предложений).

  • If you are a woman, say what is your attitude to:

- football

  • cars choose only one point

  • computers

  • If you are a man, say what is your attitude to:

  • fashion

  • shopping choose only one point

  • dieting

I’d like to say some words about computers. I really liked this electronic device. I must admit that computers have become indispensable in today’s world. Millions of people use computers all over the world. With the help of computer one can do a lot of different things, for example: play games, write programs, watch different films or just listen to music. I should say that it is used in each and every aspect of human life.

As for me, I’m not very interested in fashion industry. To my mind, women know everything about fashion. For men, it’s not important at all. I must admit that there has been a change in men's attitudes toward our clothes. I think that men are more aware of fashion; they're not afraid of it. Both men and women want to look good and want to attract attention of the opposite sex.

Задание 20. В следующих предложениях

a) измените время глагола на Present Simple;

b) переведите предложения на русский язык.


1. I am eating my breakfast.

1. I eat my breakfast.

1. Я ( обычно) завтракаю.

2. We are drinking water.

We drink water.

Мы (обычно) пьем воду.

3. He is bringing them some meat and vegetables.

He brings them some meat and vegetables.

Он принес им немного мяса и овощей.

4. You are putting the dishes on the table.

You put the dishes on the table.

Вы (обычно) ставите тарелки на стол.

5. They are having tea.

They have tea.

Они (обычно) пьют чай.

6. She is taking the dirty plates from the table.

She takes the dirty plates from the table.

Она убирает грязную посуду со стола.

7. The children are putting on their coats.

The children put on their coats.

Дети одели свои пальто.

8. The pupils are writing a dictation.

The pupils write a dictation.

Ученики пишут диктант.

9. My friend is helping me to solve a difficult problem.

My friend helps me to solve a difficult problem.

Мой друг помогает мне решить трудную проблему.

10. I am learning a poem.

I learn a poem.

Я учу стихотворение.

11. She is telling them an interesting story.

She tells them an interesting story.

Она рассказывает интересную историю.

12. Kate is sweeping the floor.

Kate sweeps the floor.

Катя подметает пол.

13. The waiter is putting a bottle of lemonade in front of him.

The waiter puts a bottle of lemonade in front of him.

Официант поставил бутылку лимонада перед ним.

14. Susan is making a new dress for her birthday party.

Susan makes a new dress for her birthday party.

Сьюзен шьет новое платье для своего день рождения.

15. She is opening a box of chocolates.

She opens a box of chocolates.

Она открывает коробку шоколада.

Задание 21. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple или Past Perfect.

1. When I came home, mother had already cooked dinner. 2. When father returned from work, we had already done our homework. 3. When the teacher entered the classroom, the pupils had already opened their books. 4. Kate gave me the book which she had bought the day before. 5. Nick showed the teacher the picture which he had drawn. 6. The boy gave the goats the grass which he had brought from the field. 7. Mother saw that Nick hadn’t washed his hands. 8. The teacher understood that Lena hadn’t done her homework. 9. I knew that my friend hadn’t yet come. 10. Tom returned from the cinema at five o'clock. 11. Tom had returned from the cinema by five o'clock. 12. I finished my homework at seven o'clock. 13. I had finished my homework by seven o'clock. 14. He thought that he had lost the money. 15. Ann told me that she had seen an interesting film. 16. When I woke up yesterday, father had already gone to work. 17. Nick thought that his father hadn’t yet come home. 18. Mary told us that she had cooked a good dinner. 19. Yesterday I found the book which I had lost in summer. 20. When we came to the station, the train had already left.
Задание 22. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном из будущих времен: Future Simple, Future Continuous или Future Perfect.

1. I shall do my homework tomorrow. 2. I shall be doing my homework at six o'clock tomorrow. 3. I shall have done my homework by six o'clock tomorrow. 4. When I come home tomorrow, my family will be having supper. 5. When you come to my place tomorrow, I shall be reading your book. I shall have done my homework by the time you come. 6. Don't come to my place tomorrow. I shall be writing a composition the whole evening. 7. I shall not go to the cinema tomorrow. I shall be watching TV the whole evening. 8. What will you do tomorrow? 9. What will you be doing at eight o'clock tomorrow? 10. Will you play volley-ball tomorrow? 11. Will you have done this work by next Sunday? 12. When will you go to see your friend next time? 13. How many pages will you have read by five o'clock tomorrow? 14. Tomorrow I shall begin doing my homework as soon as I come from school. I shall be doing my homework from three till six. My father will come home at seven o'clock tomorrow. I shall have done all my homework by the time he comes, and we shall go for a walk together.

Задание 23. Прочитайте текст, выберите подходящие по смыслу модальные глаголы. В некоторых случаях правильными являются оба варианта. Выполните письменный перевод.

^ Some useful tips for tourists to the UK.

1. You should / have to always carry an umbrella. British weather is very changeable and rain is always a possibility. Вы должны всегда носить зонт. Погода в Великобритании очень изменчива и всегда возможен дождь.

2. If you want to ask someone a question in the street, you must / should say 'Excuse me!' to attract their attention. Если вы на улице хотите спросить у кого-нибудь вопрос, вы должны сказать «Простите», чтобы привлечь чье-то внимание.

3. You must / should drive on the left! Вы должны ездить по левостороннему движению.

4. You must / have to wear a seatbelt at all times in a car. Вы должны одевать ремень безопасности в машине в любое время.

5. You mustn't / don't have to pay to visit most museums and art galleries. Entrance is usually free. Вам не следует платить, чтобы посетить большинство музеев и художественных галерей. Вход, как правило, бесплатный.

6. You shouldn't / don't have to leave a tip in a restaurant but if service has been good, 10% extra is a normal amount to leave. Вам не следует оставлять чаевые в ресторане, но если обслуживание было хорошим, 10 % дополнительно считается приемлемым перед вашим уходом.

7. If you are sightseeing in London, you must / should buy a Travelcard which gives you cheaper travel on trains, buses, and the London Underground. Если вы осматриваете достопримечательности в Лондоне, вы должны купить билет, который дает вам право на дешевую поездку в поездах, автобусах и в Лондонском метро.

8. You mustn't / don't have to smoke in any public building. It is prohibited by law. Вы не должны курить в общественном здании. Это запрещено законом.

9. When talking to British people you shouldn't / don't have to ask very personal questions (like How much do you earn?) as some people might think this was rude. При разговоре с Британцами вы не должны спрашивать очень личные вопросы (например, как много вы зарабатываете?) так как некоторые люди могут подумать, что это было грубо.

10. You must / should go for a trip on the London Eye. The view of London from the top is magnificent. Вы должны прокатиться на Лондонском колесе обозрения. Вид Лондона сверху великолепный.
Задание 24. Заполните пропуски словами из списка.

Ask / art / carry / wear / prohibited / leave / drive / changeable / cheaper / attract

1. Carry an umbrella 6. Art galleries

2. Changeable weather 7. Leave a tip

3. Attract their attention 8. Cheaper travel on trains

4. Drive on the left 9. Prohibited by law

5. Wear a seatbelt 10. Ask personal questions
Задание 25. Выберите верный синоним для следующих слов.

                1. changeable

  • unsteady

  • steady

            1. possibility

  • suggestion

  • probability

3. free

  • vacant

  • expensive

    1. tip

  • gratuity

  • trip

    1. travel

  • road

  • voyage

    1. British people

  • The English

  • The British

    1. personal question

  • private question

  • funny question

    1. magnificent

  • awful

  • majestic

Задание 26. Ответьте на вопросы.

1. Is the weather in Britain always hot and sunny? The weather in Britain is very changeable and rain is always a possibility.

2. What should you say if you want to attract somebody’s attention? If we want to attract somebody’s attention we should say “Excuse me”.

3. Is it true that you must drive on the left in Britain? Yes, it is true. We must drive on the left in Britain.

4. Do you have to pay to visit museums? You don’t have to pay to visit most museums and art galleries.

5. Is it banned to smoke in public places? It is prohibited by law.

6. The British like personal questions, don’t they? The British don’t like personal questions as some people might think this was rude.

7. Is the view of London from the London Eye awful? The view of London from the top is magnificent.

Задание 27. Какие черты характера подходят больше русским, а какие британцам? Запишите в два столбика под соответствующим заглавием.

Reserved, sensitive, emotional, polite, rude, funny, unreliable, self-confident, caring, imaginative, helpful, easy-going, stubborn, selfish, shy, disorganized, forgetful, active, lazy, loyal, arrogant, bossy, intelligent, mean, decisive.

Russian character British character

Emotional Reserved

Sensitive Polite

Rude Self-confident

Funny Helpful

Unreliable Imaginative

Caring Stubborn

Easy-going Selfish

Shy Forgetful

Disorganized Lazy

Active Arrogant

Loyal Bossy

Intelligent Mean

mcj03053970000[1] ^ Задание 28. Сравните характер русских и британцев, используйте вышеперечисленные прилагательные (составьте семь предложений). Обратите внимание на пример.

Образец: The Russians are more emotional than the British.

The British are not so emotional as the Russians.

1) The Russians are more sensitive than the British.

2) The British are not so disorganized as the Russians.

3) The British are more reserved than the Russians.

4) The Russians are not so stubborn as the British.

5) The Russians are more easy-going than the British.

6) The British are not so funny as the Russians.

7) The British are more self-confident than the Russians.
mcj03053970000[1] ^ Задание 29. Напишите полезные советы для британцев, желающих посетить нашу страну.

Прочитайте текст еще раз. Воспользуйтесь подсказками. Напишите не менее семи советов. Не забудьте упомянуть о:

  • carrying an umbrella

  • asking personal questions

  • wearing a seatbelt

  • leaving a tip

  • smoking in public places

Useful phrases.

When in Russia you should … / You must … / You will have to … / You’d better … / I think it’s necessary … / You cannot … / You can …

1. I think it’s necessary to buy a map of the country.

2. You’d better carry an umbrella.

3. When in Russia you should wear a seatbelt.

4. You must leave a tip.

5. You cannot ask personal questions.

6. You will have to respect foreign traditions.

7. You can visit all sightseeing.

8. You shouldn’t smoke in public places.


Задание 30. Переведите на русский язык.

1. Mike can run very fast. – Майк умеет очень быстро бегать.2. They can understand French. – Они понимают (могут понимать) французский. 3. Kate can speak English well. – Катя умеет хорошо говорить по-английски.4. My brother can come and help you in the garden. – Мой брат может прийти и помочь вам работать в саду. 5. Can you speak Spanish? - Вы умеете говорить по-испански? 6. Can your brother help me with mathematics? – Может ли ваш брат помочь мне с математикой? (Ваш брат может мне помочь с математикой?) 7. His little sister can walk already. – Его маленькая сестра уже умеет ходить. 8. The children cannot carry this box: it is too heavy. – Дети не могут нести этот ящик: он слишком тяжелый. 9. My friend cannot come in time. – Мой друг не может прийти вовремя. 10. This old woman cannot sleep at night. – Эта старая женщина не может спать ночью. 11. His sister can cook very well. – Его сестра умеет очень хорошо готовить. 12. I can sing, but I cannot dance. – Я умею петь, но не умею танцевать.
Задание 31. Заполните пропуски модальными глаголами can, may или must.

1. What can we see on this map? 2. Can you speak Spanish? — No, unfortunately I can’t.3. At what time must you come to school? 4. May I come in? 5. You mustn’t (cannot, may not) smoke here. 6. May I take your book? — I am afraid not: I need it. 7. He cannot speak English yet. 8. I have very little time: I must go. 9. They cannot go to the park today because they are busy. 10. You can read this text: it is easy enough.

Задание 32. Вставьте модальные глаголы can, may, must или need.

1. I cannot go out today: it is too cold. 2. May I take your pen? — Yes, please. 3. We cannot carry the bookcase upstairs: it is too heavy. 4. We need not carry the bookcase upstairs ourselves: the workers will come and do it. 5. When can you come to see us? — I can come only on Sunday. 6. Shall I write a letter to him? — No, you need not, it is not necessary. 7. Can you cut something without a knife? 8. Peter must return the book to the library. We all want to read it. 9. Why cannot you understand it? It is so easy. 10. Must we do the exercise at once? Yes, you must do it at once. 11. Can you pronounce this sound? 12. You need not have bought this meat-we have everything for dinner.

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